Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Illegal in UK?

If you’re planning to buy a Android Kodi TV Box and you reside in the UK, you must be wondering how safe and legal the boxes are in the UK. The desire to buy these Android-based streaming devices can be attributed to the growing popularity of the Kodi XBMC not only among the British, but among users from across the world. It’s become so easy to get one that all you have to do is find a credible seller on Amazon or Ebay. I thought I’d write up this guide to help out those hoping to make such a purchase to come up with the right and informed decision, and to also clarify whether one can get into legal trouble if they buy a Kodi TV box online in the UK.

Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Legal and Safe in UK?

Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Legal and Safe in UK?


Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Legal to Use in UK?

Depending on the country you live in, the use of Kodi TV Boxes can be either legal or illegal. Residents of the UK should ideally be aware that their government has some very strict laws on online piracy. This calls for some caution when using some of the unofficial Kodi addons to stream movies and TV shows from pirated streaming sites. UK police has indeed recently arrested an Android TV box seller from Norfolk for reasons related to such.

All in all, what you essentially need as a Kodi user to avoid getting copyright infringement notices from your ISP sent to your inbox is to find a solution that can prevent them from eavesdropping on you while you stream movies, TV series and channels through your Kodi.

Best VPNs to Use with the Kodi TV Box

You can use VPN to stream via your Fire Stick, PC, Android, iOS or Kodi TV box without anyone eavesdropping on you; your ISP included. By connecting to a virtual private network, you get to achieve online anonymity. Here are some more advantages you get once you start using VPN.

  • Most VPN apps are sure to be compatible with your iPad, PC, Mac, iPhone or Android device.
  • VPN allows you to bypass regional restrictions and gain access to geo restricted channels. You’ll be able to unblock geoblocked content from virtually anywhere.
  • Once you’re connected to a VPN server, you’ll be able to prevent copyright trolls, government agencies and ISPs from spying on your online activities.
  • VPN will allow you to seamlessly hide your actual IP address. This will prevent anyone from being able to track your torrent downloads back to you.

IPVanish is one of the best VPNs to use on Kodi TV boxes. Their VPN servers work well with with Kodi. They also don’t keep any logs of my Internet activities. Aside from them, here are also some other top Kodi VPN providers you could consider.





Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Safe?

Android TV boxes with Kodi pre-loaded on them are not officially affiliated with Kodi. Unfortunately, there have been actual cases where several Kodi TV Boxes were infected with malicious malware and viruses. Even the official Kodi website has documented some of these cases. Make sure you go through all the credible reviews before making your purchase on either Ebay or Amazon. It’s probably very difficult to get a refund if you find out your Kodi box isn’t as clean as it should be.

Being Android-based, you’ll easily be able to install antivirus apps on your Kodi TV box & this will help you enforce an extra shield of security. Antivirus apps you could consider include Avast, BitDefender or even MalwareBytes. You’ll be better off installing them immediately after you connect to your WiFi network. Some Kodi antivirus addons like Security Shield are also open for consideration.

Best Kodi Android TV Boxes in 2017

  • Nvidia Shield
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Oobersticks
  • Matricom G-Box Q2
  • Razor Forge TV
  • Google Nexus Player

Are Android Kodi TV Boxes Safe and Legal in the UK?

If you don’t want those emails from your ISP filling up your inbox, VPN is one sure way to establish your online privacy and security. A well-known VPN provider like IPVanish used together with your Android TV Box will allow you to safely watch live and on-demand content on Kodi.

*Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes. We do not in any way condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming.

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