Chromecast VPN with a VPN enabled router

Chromecast, like many other streaming devices, does not have a VPN client. Luckily, there is a way to solve this issue. In order to enable VPN on your Chromecast, you can set up VPN on your router. Once you’ve accomplished this, all you need to do is connect Chromecast to that router to access its VPN connection. That way, your Chromecast will be granted access to the American Netflix version an its superior library. There are other streaming services that are exclusively available in the USA on Chromecast. Check the list below for the most popular channels available on Chromecast VPN.

How to enable VPN on Chromecast

How to enable VPN on Chromecast


Note : If VPN seems a little bit complicated to you, you could always give Unlocator‘s Smart DNS proxies a try. Smart DNS proxies work on almost all streaming devices such as Chromecast.

How to enable VPN on Chromecast VPN Router

  • The first thing you need to do is choose a proper VPN service. We’ve tested many VPN service providers. The VPN providers below proved to be the best.
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  • Once you’ve obtained VPN, you need to set it up on your VPN compatible router. We’ve prepared an article that contains a list of the best routers for VPN. The same article also includes info and instructions on how VPN can be set up on these routers.
  • When you are done with the VPN setup process on your router, all devices connected to it, including your Chromecast, will have access to its IP address. Hence, all your devices’ connection will go through the same VPN as your router.
  • Since Chromecast doesn’t have a Ethernet port, the network sharing method doesn’t quite work to enable VPN on it.

 US Apps on Chromecast VPN

Chromecast has an impressive list of unblocked channels once VPN is enabled:

      • Netflix
      • HBO GO
      • WatchESPN
      • Hulu Plus
      • ABC
      • Pandora
      • NBC
      • Comedy Central
      • Crunchyroll
      • MLB.TV


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