Hola Alternatives Choose VPN or DNS to Bypass Georestrictions

Hola has been exposed. The supposedly free Firefox and Chrome extension has been selling its users’ bandwidth. Many of these users have uninstalled Hola off their browsers. There are faster and more reliable ways to unblock geoblocked streaming channels like US Netflix abroad. In this article, I’ll discuss secure and safe Hola alternatives. VPN and Smart DNS.

Hola Alternatives - VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

Hola Alternatives – VPN or Smart DNS Proxies

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Hola Exposed.

Hola users have unknowingly been turned into botnets. In some cases, injected ads have been reported in users’ browsers. The issues don’t stop there. Hola doesn’t offer any data encryption. This means that your ISP and government agencies can easily spy on your online activity. Even when Hola is activated. Add to that the fact that Hola only works on Firefox and Chrome. To make it worse, Hola severely slows down your Internet speed. Even as a free extension, Hola isn’t worth all the trouble.

Hola Uninstalled. Now What?

You can choose one of two methods to access US Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Instant Video, NBC Sports Extra. VPN and Smart DNS.

Hola Alternatives – VPN.

  • Trusted VPN providers offer full data encryption.
  • They also offer VPN servers around the world.
  • VPN apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac make installing VPN on these devices pretty easy.
  • You can also enable VPN on Apple TV, Smart TV, PS3, PS4, Chromecast, Xbox, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. Just install VPN on your router.
  • While Hola limits your bandwidth, popular VPN providers like ExpressVPN offer unlimited bandwidth at fast speeds. Here are the top three Hola Alternatives.
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Hola Alternatives – Smart DNS Proxies.

  • Smart DNS is an alternate method to bypass geographic restrictions and stream geoblocked content.
  • Smart DNS does not slow down your Internet speed.
  • All streaming devices can be directly setup with Smart DNS. Apple TV. Chromecast. Amazon Fire TV. PS4. PS3. Xbox One. Roku. Smart TV. Blu-ray Players.
  • One Smart DNS setup unblocks all channels around the world. Take a look at Unlocator‘s list of 208 unlocked streaming sites. If you’re new to Smart DNS and need help with setting up those DNS codes, check these guides.

Hola Alternatives. Wrap Up.

Whatever method you choose, Smart DNS or VPN, you are surely better of than using Hola. Even as a free app/extension, it’s not worth all the risks you are taking.

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