Is Exodus Legal & Safe In the UK?

Is Exodus Kodi addon legal and safe to use in UK? When it comes to unofficial Kodi addons, its not quite clear whether using these addons is legal or safe. In this article, I’ll try to address this concern. I’ll show you how to use VPN to stream movies and TV shows via Exodus anonymously. You can also find instruction on how to install the Exodus Kodi addon on your Android, Nvidia Shield, PC, or Amazon Fire TV. Is Exodus legal and safe in UK? Read on.

Is Exodus Legal & Safe In the UK?

Is Exodus Legal & Safe In the UK?

Is Exodus Safe?

Is Exodus safe in the UK? One of the worst things that can happen to you while using Kodi is installing addons that could infect your streaming device with malware or viruses. Exodus, however, is safe to use and is on the same whitelist as Phoenix and SportsDevil. Nothing bad will happen once you install these addons to your computer.

Is Exodus Legal?

Is Exodus legal in the UK? The legality of use of this addon largely depends on where you are; i.e the country you reside in. This is because different countries have different laws and policies to regulate one’s activities online. For example, in countries such as the US, UK and Australia, streaming movies from pirated sites is considered a crime and is punishable by law. If you reside in these countries, this is valuable information to you since many of the TV shows and movies you see on Exodus come from such pirated sites. At this point, you can either stop using Exodus completely, or, you can use VPN to encrypt your Internet traffic & hide what you’re up to online. This way, no ISP or copyright protection group will be able to spy on your online activities.

How to Use VPN to Stream Exodus Anonymously

If you decide to use Kodi with VPN, you can be sure that nobody will be sending DMCA copyright infringement notices to your inbox anytime soon. VPN allows you to go about your online work anonymously and so, as mentioned above, nobody will be able to trace your online activity. Here’s what you need to do to setup a VPN connection to stream movies/TV shows via Exodus anonymously:

  1. Identify and sign up with a VPN provider that is credible and takes your privacy online seriously. IPVanish is a good example.
  2. Download and install the VPN application on your PC, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Android.
  3. Connect to a VPN server after you launch the VPN app.
  4. Start streaming via Kodi.
  5. Through VPN, you’re able to unblock geo-restricted Kodi addons like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, NBC Sports and ITV.
  6. VPN also allows you to anonymously access Putlocker, Afdah, The Pirate Bay, KickAss Torrents, and other sites UK ISPs have banned.

The fact IPVanish don’t keep a log of their users’ browsing activities makes them the perfect candidate to ensure your privacy online is guaranteed. Here are some other VPN providers that could also allow you to watch Exodus anonymously.





How To Install your Exodus Kodi Addon

These are the instructions to follow in order to add Exodus to your Kodi video addons:

  1. Head over to System -> File Manager.
  2. Click ‘Add Source’.
  3. Select ‘None’, then enter:
  4. Click ‘Done’.
  5. Scroll to the empty bar and enter: fusion
  6. Click ‘Done’.
  7. Select ‘OK’.
  8. From the home screen, go to ‘System’ -> ‘Settings’ -> ‘Add-ons’
  9. Select ‘Install from zip file’.
  10. Choose ‘fusion’ -> ‘Start-Here’.
  11. Click on ‘’ to install it.
  12. Now, from the home screen, go to ‘Programs’ -> ‘Program add-ons’.
  13. Click ‘Addon Installer’ and wait for it to load.
  14. Then, select ‘Featured Addons’.
  15. Select Exodus and install it.
  16. From the Kodi home screen, choose ‘Videos’ -> ‘Addons’ -> Exodus.

Final Thoughts On Safety and Legal Use of Exodus in the UK

As you conduct your work online, you are bound to be caught up with legal boundaries that your country of residence expects you to acknowledge in order to remain on the right side of the law. This applies to many of the platforms available online such as Kodi, and all of its various addons. If you want to maintain your online privacy and avoid any legal altercations, use VPN with Kodi.

*Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes. We do not in any way condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming.

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