NBC Sports UK Live Extra outside USA NBSCN – VPN or DNS Proxy


NBC Sports Live Extra in UK offers MLS, F1, NFL, and NHL live online in US. NBC Sports Live Extra is geoblocked in UK. By using Smart DNS Proxies or VPN, you can bypass these geographic restrictions. Learn how to unblock and watch NBC Sports UK Live Extra in this help guide.

NBC Sports Live Extra in UK - How to Unblock and Watch via Smart DNS or VPN
NBC Sports Live Extra in UK – How to Unblock and Watch via Smart DNS or VPN

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How to unblock NBC Sports UK Live Extra in UK – Smart DNS

If you try to stream any video on NBC Sports Live Extra in UK, you’ll get this message “This content is currently unavailable.” That’s because NBC Sports is restricted outside US. You have to spoof your UK location in order to trick NBC Sports to believe you are located in US. That’s exactly what Smart DNS does. It allows you to access geoblocked channels like NBC Sports in UK.

  • Smart DNS works on all your streaming devices. Unblock NBC Sports Live Extra on Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, Roku, and Apple TV
  • Smart DNS enables you to unblock geoblocked content from different countries simultaneously. Using one Smart DNS configuration, you can watch BeIN Sports, NBC Sports, and BBC iPlayer at once.
  • Zero Internet speed slow down.

Search for a Smart DNS Proxy service that provides NBC Sports Live Extra as part of its unblocked channels. Unlocator do offer NBC Sports along with 207 other streaming services. Check out their setup guides and take advantage of a free 7 day trial.

How to watch NBC Sports UK Live Extra in UK – VPN

VPN works like a middleman between you and the streaming service you want to access. By redirecting all your traffic, VPN allows you to get a US IP address instead of your UK IP address. Once a VPN connection is established with a US server, you can unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in UK.

  • When you are connected to an American VPN server, you can stream any US channels you want. Watch US Netflix, NBC Sports, HBO Now, Sling TV, CBS All Access, WWE Network, UFC.
  • VPN encrypts your traffic to prevent hackers and ISPs from tracking what you are doing online.
  • There are VPN apps for iPhone, iPad, Android, PC, and Mac.

Make sure you choose a fast VPN provider like ExpressVPN to avoid any streaming problems while watching NBC Sports Live Extra. These are the best VPN providers for unblocking NBC Sports Live Extra outside US.

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NBC Sports Live Extra in UK – Smart DNS Proxy or VPN

You can use either Smart DNS or VPN to watch NBC Sports Live Extra in UK. Both work perfectly fine. In case you need more help on how to unblock NBC Sports Live Extra in UK, just drop a comment below.

7 thoughts on “NBC Sports UK Live Extra outside USA NBSCN – VPN or DNS Proxy”

  1. ok people ive tried both vpn and smart dns on lap top
    and fire stick through kodi it says I’m connected through the usa but I cant get any stream on nbc live extra unless its a free stream all I get is check log file can anyone help with this its doing my head in and yes before anyone asks I have a subscription to the site valid till next year.

  2. Hi I have the NBC app, Login and a VPN. On my iPad and phone the picture is clear but when i try from my android box the picture isnt clear, Do you know why that is? Its clear through the Kodi addon on my android box but it buffers a lot. The app doesn’t buffer but the picture isn’t clear…

    1. You need to change the location on your PC so that you can change your Windows store region.
      Swipe in from the right edge of the screen. Tap Search.
      In the search box, enter region. Then, tap or click Change your country or region.
      Select the country or region for your location from the list.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, how do I download the NBC sports app on my laptop? I am in the UK and the Windows store does not recognise it. I am not sure how to switch store to USA one or any other way of downloading the app. Help would be appreciated. Thanks Sasha

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