Best Kodi VPN in UK 2017 Review

What is the best Kodi VPN in UK for 2017? Using Kodi in the UK can carry some risks. First of, your ISP might monitor what movies/TV shows you are streaming. Some Kodi addons are also blocked or banned in UK If you are searching for the best Kodi VPN in the UK to stream content from geo-restricted Kodi addons anonymously, read the following help guide.

Best Kodi VPN in UK 2017

Best Kodi VPN in UK 2017

Why Do I Need VPN on Kodi?

Right before we get a move on, first things first; what is Kodi? Kodi is an open-source entertainment software that allows you to setup Kodi addons that cover TV shows, movies, and live sports streaming. Many of these addons are restricted however for two reasons.

  • Some are available only to viewers of specific regions.
  • Some are torrent based.

These two conditions make it more than necessary for a user to connect to Kodi through a VPN. VPN bypasses the regional restrictions put in place by the channel streaming services as well as hides your IP address when you’re downloading your favourite new movie or show through a torrent.

Choosing the best Kodi VPN to use even in the UK might prove to be a bit time consuming, especially since a wide number of providers offer such services. I’ll provide a list of the best Kodi VPN providers after shedding more light on importance of having a VPN if you plan to stream content via Kodi.

The Best Kodi VPN 2017 – A Detailed Comparison

As briefly explained above, a VPN ensures your internet traffic is encrypted by connecting to a secure remote server. In doing so, your IP address also becomes hidden. The sites that you visit; sites that might be geo-restrictive, will only see the address of the VPN server that you’ve connected to. The same applies to torrent sites from which you want to download an array of files.

For purposes of illustration, let’s assume you just finished installing a BBC iPlayer addon on your Kodi. We’re also assuming that you live somewhere outside of Britain. When you try to access content that is being streamed live or content that is on high demand, you will get a geo-error that explains why you can’t stream from where you are.

For those who hope to download files through torrent add-ons, their download activity can be tracked and their IP address added to the sites torrent swarm. Parties such as your ISP or copyright infringement groups have easy access to the details of your online downloads and can contact you via email in case any of their policies are violated.

Watch Content on Kodi Anonymously

Connecting through a VPN saves you from all of that drama by allowing you to access location sensitive streaming channels and sites, as well as covering up your online activity such that no one is able to keep an eye on what you are up to online.

  • A VPN works the same way in an array of devices such as your PC, iPhone, iPad, Raspberry Pi, Android TV Box or Mac. To set up a VPN, just download and install a VPN app.
  • For users who use Kodi on Apple TV, Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick, you are bound to setup a VPN connection on your router; a simple process to carry out provided you are familiar with your VPN provider’s router setup documentation.
  • Another choice would be to setup a virtual router on your Mac/PC and share its VPN connection with all your other streaming devices.

Over the duration of time that you will be connected to the VPN server, you’ll anonymously be able to download or stream torrents. The same applies to regions where channels such as Afdah, Watchfree or Putlocker are location sensitive. Properly setting up your VPN ensures that you can access channels that your ISP has banned as well.

Best Kodi VPN in UK 2017 Comparison

So, back to our main topic of discussion; what is the best Kodi VPN in 2017 especially for users in the UK? I give my highest recommendation to IPVanish since they have remote servers scattered across over 30 countries. As an added plus, they also don’t limit bandwidth usage or monitor any of your online activity. Being a top quality provider, they ensure their customer service team is available 24/7 to sort out any issues that their customers might have.

Aside from IPVanish, here’s my list of other well performing Kodi VPN providers in 2017 that UK users should be aware of.





The Best Kodi Proxies You Can Use in 2017

As an alternative, services like Unlocator or Unblock-Us allow you to work around regional restrictions that you may find are more often imposed on international Kodi addons.

I chose to give it a try, and while I eventually managed to get it working, i found out that Smart DNS proxy services do not officially support Kodi, and neither do they hide your IP address. This only makes it more apparent for users even in the UK to use VPN instead.

Most Popular GeoBlocked Kodi AddOns

  • AMC
  • ESPN
  • Hulu
  • FilmOn
  • BBC iPlayer
  • ITV
  • Netflix
  • BT Sport
  • Starz
  • HBO GO
  • Channel 4 (4oD)
  • My5
  • Showtime
  • NBC Sports
  • Sky Sports
  • BT Sport

The Leading Kodi Torrent Addon

  • KMediaTorrent
  • Pulsar
  • XBMCtorrent
  • Quasar
  • Red Beard
  • Torrenter v2

The Best Kodi VPN for UK Users 2017: In Conclusion

Kodi works best when the connection made is through a VPN server. Access to geo-locked channels such as BBC iPlayer or Hulu, as well as anonymous torrents such as Red Beard or Torrenter v2. In some cases, proxies might circumvent location sensitive restrictions but this would not be a sure bet as they won’t even hide your IP address. To get the best experience, sign up with a reliable VPN provider and enjoy anonymous, unlimited, and unrestricted viewing.

*Disclaimer: This article is only intended for educational purposes. We do not in any way condone, promote or encourage, any criminal or illegal activity. Your actions are your responsibility. Please check your local laws regarding torrents and pirated streaming.

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