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    1. This list surely contain best vpn providers but they did not offer mouthwatering deals this black friday or cyber monday, so i got PureVPN . Nord is not capable enough to run netflix (US region) outside USA, but purevpn did. you should have mentioned that provider here too! its cheap and works best.

  1. Hi
    I am currently using VPN to unblock iPlayer on my Macbook and iPad. I have no problem to access US Netflix but it is UK Netflix that I really want to access. Cloud you please tell me how can I solve this? Thanks.

  2. I changed my DNS to an American one but now I cant login to my account as it says it does not have an account registered under my email, how can I solve this?

  3. I downloaded a vpn on my iPhone in order to watch UK Netflix from the USA. netflix keeps telling me to disable any unblocker or proxy that I am using. Does this method not work anymore?

  4. Hi I have problem with US Netflix on my apple tv4. I have all settings fine with US iTunes account and working DNS as I use Hulu plus as well but recently Netflix US stops working for me using my UK account. I never had this problem in past and recently I got the proxy message and it only plays the content available in UK not the US only content. It seems to be recognising I am in UK and not playing US only shows. It did seem stuck between two different platforms and was not showing all US content so I signed out and then signed back in and that worked but it will not play US content. the message I receive is ” a problem occurred while playing this item.try again later or select a different item” it then tells you go to Netflix support for more information (10008). So I have tried everything possible by deleting app and downloading again, I sign in and out all done in normal DNS settings and when I change to US proxy but be it never allows me to play the US only content, I even couldn’t play UK content recently for a couple of days. An ideas what’s wrong.

  5. I have just got a new BT hub box because the last one was playing up, but the old box would allow me to connect to the internet using american dns codes on my Xbox 1, now when i type them in and run the network connection thing it wont connect to me the internet meaning i cant watch american netflix, no amercian dns codes work, any ideas?

  6. Netflix has upgraded their VPN detection today. I use Hola so that I can watch whole TV Shows and not the odd series that UK Netflix limits you to, yet as of 10 minutes ago, Hola no longer works for me for Canada Netflix. USA works fine at the moment.

    I guess its only a matter of time before they roll out the protection to all regions

  7. I want to do it on my smart tv.
    I can see the full instructions on that website including what DNS to enter so what is the point in signing up?

  8. Did this work… it looked suspicious. Americans don’t use a “,” they use a period”.” between dollars and cents.

  9. Hi Isso,

    that was very helpful – thanks.
    Just to clarify, after you have setup your SmartDNS (eg. on Wii) , you just go into your netflix account settings and change the region? And the content loads automatically, no matter what region you choose or how many times you change the region setting?

    1. Hi Ampel. If you are using Unlocator Smart DNS, for example, you can change your Netflix region to US, UK, Canada, Germany, etc. from within your Unlocator account as many times as you wish. Once you load the Netflix app, you will notice that the content in your Netflix library has changed.

    1. Hi Rachel. The first thing you need to do is sign up with Unlocator. They offer a free trial without having to use a credit card. Once that is done, you need to configure the DNS settings on your Xbox 360. You can find setup guides for that purpose here
      After you’ve finished both steps, you will be able to watch American Netflix on your Xbox360 instead of the UK version.

  10. hi. im in Australia i can get netflix on one brand tv but not on another that i have in the bedroom. What is the easiest method to get it? Can i download app on a tablet then plug the tablet in the tv? Can i still use the smart dns method. thanks

  11. Up until early this AM, I was able to switch regions with impunity using VyperVPN or Private Tunnel. Now when I try to play a title from another regions library, I get an error code and bounced back to the U.S. Will the SmartDNS angle work around that or is the party over?

  12. I understand that Netflix is blocking all of these methods of geofiltering, and I read news about blocked accounts too, is this true? Did you have any problem?

  13. I’m in Aus and have a VPN installed on my mac. When I go to Netflix it will take me to the US site but when I sign in using my Aus account it automatically redirects to the Aus site even though my IP address location is the US. Do you know why it is doing this?

    1. Hi. In order to check whether you are using US Netflix region or not, please search for a show called “Beverly Hills Cops”.
      If you can find it and stream it, then you have successfully changed your Netflix region.

        1. Hi there. Netflix have recently removed Beverly Hills Cops from US Netflix. Try searching for ‘Star Crossed’ instead as it is only available in the American Netflix region.

  14. I can access the U.S. NETFLIX using
    My PC or phone but I can’t seem to get it through my FETCH TV set top box or when I attempt to stream the U.S. content from my phone to the TV it cuts out or displays the “content not available in your region.” Message. Any tips for how to overcome either or both of those issues?

  15. Hi there Isso

    I have just purchased a 12 months subscription to a vpn programme. I have chosen USA as country so I can get the Netflicks there.

    Do I have to put in the new Ip address that comes with choosing america into my netflix ‘Settings’ on the tv screen. Not quite sure what to do next to get all the channels and for the new ip to take effect.

    Best wishes

    1. From what you are saying, you want to unblock US Netflix on your Smart TV. If that’s the case, you cannot setup VPN directly on your TV. You have to install VPN on your router instead. If that seems to much of a hustle, you can try Smart DNS.

  16. I live in the USA and watch Netflix through my Roku and would like to know how to watch Netflix UK. How do I get a smart DNS number and how do you use it.

  17. I live in the USA and want to log into Netflix France to watch their selection of French films unavailable from the USA Netflix library. I keep selecting France as my country using either Hola or TunnelBear VPN apps; after logging in to , it then automatically offers me only the USA library. Impossible to see the Netflix films offered to France, from the USA?????

  18. OK I think I understand now. I can’t set up a smart vpn on my PlayStation correct? I need to do it on a computer?

  19. So I signed up for the free trial and put the DNS into my ps3 connection settings but its still just american Netflix. Iunno if I’m stupid or what but can y’all point me in the direction for the UK DNS

  20. Oh so y’all want me to spend money huh? While I have no problem with that I am skeptical of as to if it works or not :/

    1. Well, it surely is working for me. You can always try their free 7 day trial. You don’t need a credit card or anything like that.

  21. Hello y’all i live in Canada and I use American Netflix on my ps3 all the time. That’s easy as hell but I want to know how to get UK Netflix on my ps3, I can’t find any DNS codes for UK someone pleaaaseee help I will forever be in your debt!

    1. What you need is a Smart DNS proxy service like Unlocator, check their link in the article above. Once you sign up, you can switch to which ever Netflix region, including UK, from within your account settings.

        1. You should use the Smart DNS service since you can directly input the DNS codes into your TV’s network settings

  22. How can we get UK Netflix via the WII. We currently watch US Netflix here in Canada so we know how to change the codes. What is the code for UK Netflix? Thanks very much.

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