WWE Network in UK – How to Unblock/Watch outside USA

WWE Network is a great way to watch live pay-per-view (Survivor Series, Wrestlemania, Summer Slam, Royal Rumble) and on-demand WWE action online. To watch WWE Network in UK and Ireland, you have to bypass regional restrictions. Learn how to use Smart DNS and VPN to unblock WWE Network in UK in this help guide.

*The WWE Network launch in UK has been delayed until further notice. It’s highly unlikely that WWE Network will actually become available in UK in the near future due to an agreement with BSkyB.

**For readers who have already benefited from Smart DNS and VPN. Sign up for a free one week trial at Unlocator for DNS codes to unblock WWE Network in UK. You can also get WWE Network using VPN. Log in at ExpressVPN. Choose an American VPN server after you install VPN on your streaming device. Watch the American version of WWE Network in UK.

How to unblock and watch WWE Network in UK using Smart DNS proxies or VPN

How to unblock and watch WWE Network in UK using Smart DNS proxies or VPN.

Unblock/Watch WWE Network in UK using Smart DNS Proxies.

The WWE Network website and app is able to detect your location by looking at your IP address. In order to watch WWE Network in UK, you have to hide your location. Smart DNS enables you to trick geoblocked content and your streaming devices into thinking your located in USA instead of UK. When you set up your device with Smart DNS, you’ll be able to subscribe and watch WWE Network in UK. Smart DNS is a perfect solution to unblock any geo-restricted Internet streaming service.

  • Since Smart DNS doesn’t encrypt your traffic or completely changes it direction, there will be no effect on your Internet speed.
  • All streaming devices can be set up with Smart DNS. (Xbox, PS4/3, Smart TV, Roku, Apple TV..) Alternatively, you can set up your router with Smart DNS and connect which ever device you want to it.
  • Unblock and watch online channels from various regions simultaneously. Stream WWE Network, US Netflix, BEIN Sports using one Smart DNS setup.
  • No local IP address alteration. Watch all UK channels (Now TV, BBC iPlayer, iTV..) even when you’re using Smart DNS to unblock foreign Internet channels.
  • DNS Hijacking and Transparent DNS Proxies can prevent Smart DNS from functioning. These methods are used by some ISPs.

Before you sign up at any Smart DNS Proxy service, make sure that it’s actually capable of unblocking WWE Network in UK. Unlocator‘s 159 unblocked streaming services do include WWE Network. They also have videos/screenshots/tutorial to help you out with setting up your streaming devices.

Watch WWE Network in UK using VPN.

VPN (Virtual Private Nework) creates a virtual network and channels all your traffic through it. As a result, your UK IP address changes into an American IP address.  The identity of your new IP address depends on the location of the VPN server you choose. VPN has been around longer than Smart DNS and has its own features.

  • If you select an American VPN server, you unblock all American geoblocked channels. (WWE Network, US Netflix, US Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, CBS All Access..)
  • VPN’s data encryption means that ISPs, neighbors, hackers, and even the government cannot track your activity.
  • VPN easily ovecomes ISP’s DNS hijacking and Transparent Proxies.
  • VPN can be easily set up on Android, iPhone, iPad, Windows PC, and iOS Mac. Create an account. Download the VPN app. Choose an American VPN server.
  • VPN cannot be set up on Smart TV, Xbox, Playstation, Roku, Chromecast, and similar devices. To stream WWE Network on such platforms, you have to own a VPN router. Set up VPN on that router and then share its VPN connection with all devices connected to it. Or simply use Smart DNS instead.

VPN provider online are too many to count. Some are actually very reliable. Others are problematic to say the least. The VPN provider I use, ExpressVPN, does offer 24/7 support and has 66 VPN locations around the globe.

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How to unblock/watch WWE Network in UK.

WWE Network gives you access to all PPV events and on-demand videos.

  • Summer Slam.
  • Survivor Series.
  • Wrestlemania.
  • Hell in a Cell.
  • TLC.
  • WCW Nitro.
  • Raw.
  • SmackDown.
  • NXT.
  • Superstars.
  • ECW.
  • Royal Rumble.
  • Elimination Chamber.
  • Extreme Rules.
  • WWE Payback.
  • Money in the Bank.
  • Night of Champions.
  • WWE Battleground.

WWE Network is also available on most streaming devices.

  • iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/Mac.
  • Android Smartphone and Tablet.
  • Xbox One/360.
  • Sony and Samsung Smart TV/Blu-ray Player.
  • Roku.
  • Playstation PS3/PS4/PS Vita.
  • Kindle Fire/Amazon Fire TV.
  • PC.

Watch all your favorite WWE Superstars including John Cena, Randy Orton, Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, and CM Punk. If you need more instructions or info about how to unblock/watch WWE Network in UK using Smart DNS or VPN, get in touch by posting a comment.

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